TRIUM Capstone Projects

The Capstone Project sits at the heart of TRIUM. It is an opportunity to apply your program learning to your current business environment, a start-up or a social cause.

The Capstone Project brings your coursework to life in a potentially life-changing way. As part of a team you will choose a project category and develop a business idea from inception to launch, leveraging the resources of our program and faculty, your classmates and alumni connections.

The Capstone Project offers you the intellectual space, resources and mandate to strike out in a new and innovative direction: the opportunity to take your vision, expertise and experience, and make something new, by identifying a niche and creating a business to fill it. And, whether your interest in our program is to further your career in a major corporation, or give you the confidence to set out on your own, your participation in the project will enable you to do so in ways you may never have considered before.

Capstone will either bring the INTRApreneur out of you even more or will unearth the ENTREpreneur in you. One is not better than the other. They are just different dynamics and life choices. In TRIUM, fact is most of us are working for big companies, and will in the end most likely continue to do so – but in a different way than ever before. TRIUM will have changed you.”
Chris Burggraeve
Capstone Co-Director and Class of 2005

The Capstone Journey

Module 1: Kick Off
Formal introduction by Capstone Project Directors to allow students to start thinking of ideas and forming teams.
Module 2: Idea Generation
Students pitch ideas to the class to start the Darwinian idea marketplace. Teams and base ideas are near final by the end of the module.
Module 3: Teams Go!
Final Capstone prospectus is approved by the Capstone Project Directors.
Module 4: First Progress Report
First informal presentation of project ideas in a closed door environment with the Capstone Project Directors and TRIUM Academics.
Module 5: Live Test Run
Formal live presentation summarising the project is made to classmates.
Module 6: Final Presentation
Teams submit their final report and make their formal presentation to the Capstone Board.

Capstone Project Case studies


Lost in Moscow? Call MediaCab to the Rescue

In September 2012, Term Project MediaCab went live on the streets of Moscow. Launched by TRIUM alumni, including Konstantin Sidorov, 20 taxis recreated the comfort, lifestyle, safety and efficiency that Konstantin had experienced the year before in New York when he got into a taxi to make his way to a TRIUM class. This was no easy feat given the market, or perilous race course for better words, of the current taxi regime in the Russian capital. The combination of a lot of hard work, lobbying, detailed research, a diverse team of professionals, innovative creativity, and good timing all ensured the momentum needed to keep the project’s wheels rolling.


Living the Dream – Swaady Martin-Leke

TRIUM Alumna Swaady Martin-Leke was recently named one of Forbes Magazine 20 Youngest Power Women in Africa in 2012. Swaady was also recently featured on CNN Africa highlighting the great opportunities for luxury goods in the African marketplace.

At some point during her many years with General Electric Co., where she was most recently GE Transportation’s Regional Director for the US $300 million Sub-Saharan subsidiary, Swaady Martin-Leke, Class of 2012, developed a dream. “I wanted to do something very different, something that promotes our African resources, culture, and identity,” she recalls. “It was my dream to capture true African luxury, change the world’s perception of Africa, and produce a luxury brand that is truly African in origin, nature, and tradition.” Swaady’s dream of breaking out and doing something new motivated her to apply to TRIUM.


A Sustainable and Profitable Business Opportunity

“Is it possible for small businesses to do great things on small budgets?” According to TRIUM 2010 graduates and current business partners, Ameet Sardesai and Arend de Jong, not only is this possible, but it can also be profitable too! Launched in 2012, they created RenewThink Inc., a strategy advisory firm aimed at accelerating the development of sustainable strategies in businesses and (semi-) public organizations.

Ever since their meeting at LSE in 2008, Ameet and Arend have been talking about their passion for business with real societal impact. At TRIUM’s Ten Year Alumni Anniversary event in 2011, they sat down and started discussions around what has now become RenewThink.

Academy for Social Entrepreneurs

Empowering Women One Job at a Time

Dr. Kalpana Sankar, TRIUM Alumna 2012, has a lot to smile about. Her Indian based NGO Hand in Hand is celebrating its 10th year of empowering women and serving the community, creating over 1.3 million jobs for women in the process. In its short lifespan, the achievements and impact of Hand in Hand have been impressive – this is no doubt due to the leadership, passion and determination of its tireless CEO.

Dr. Sankar undertook her TRIUM studies during a crucial time for Hand in Hand India. With ambitious targets to expand to over 15 countries, Hand in Hand needed to reevaluate its business model, branding, and redefine its mission. TRIUM’s unique coursework, focusing on an incubator project, became the perfect testing ground to explore the NGO’s new expansion plan. This case study became the basis of her Capstone project, Academy for Social Entrepreneurs.


Bringing Traditional and Organic Foods Closer to Home

Growing up in Canada as a young man, Iranian born Cyrus Razzaghi missed eating his grandmother’s traditional Persian cuisine and the Italian cuisine he got to love as a teenager in Italy- the natural spices and healthy nuts, and the fresh pasta and dizzying variety of cheese were hard to come by, unless you shopped in expensive specialty stores. What if, he thought, these delicious healthy and traditional foods could become available at corner stores and even directly to consumers at the click of a button?  His journey to bridge the gap and make organic, healthy and ethnic/specialty products more accessible and affordable inevitably became the focus of his TRIUM Capstone Project, SabioQ.

As a serial entrepreneur with past experience in e-Commerce, Cyrus contemplated how to launch this concept. At TRIUM, he not only met his future co-founders, but their talents and combined expertise, and passion for good eating, provided the ingredients for success.