Return on investment

How can your organization benefit from sponsoring an employee?

TRIUM Global Executive MBA is designed for senior level executives who want to think innovatively and do business on a global scale and in doing so, gain international exposure for their companies as well as advancing their careers.

Corporate Sponsors of TRIUM students

The TRIUM EMBA brings together executives from a broad range of industries and companies from across the world. It not only gives them the opportunity to hear from world-leading experts who are well positioned to look at your company’s big issues but it also encourages peer-to-peer learning.

A global EMBA adds significant value both to your employee and to your organization; whilst at the same time helping you to retain your top talent and demonstrate your commitment to employee career development. By sponsoring an employee to study whilst still in the workplace, there are many immediate and long-term benefits:

Instant return on investment

As students are continuing to work while studying, they are immediately able to apply their new knowledge and skills into the workplace, helping to improve efficiency and productivity and use new theories and practices to approach everyday business problems in a fresh way. They can help to contribute to new strategies that instantly improve your company’s business practices.

Employee retention

By sponsoring an employee on the Global EMBA program you are strengthening your company’s leadership skills, retaining your most talented employees and showing them you value their personal development, therefore helping to increase loyalty and motivation.

Visiting Walmart Headquarters

Global perspectives

Students will be exposed to new ideas and share insights with classmates and faculty from all over the world. They will be able to bring real business problems into the classroom for discussion, providing the opportunity to gain insights and solutions from an expanded network with a global perspective.

In addition, during the overseas modules, students will take part in company visits and hear from guest speakers to help broaden their global horizons. This represents a specially curated curriculum which gives TRIUM students unique insights into megatrends and access to leading lights in a fast-paced business landscape.

Global networks

The TRIUM Global Executive MBA alumni are among the most qualified and insightful in the international business world.

Students will enter this remarkable network of high-achieving global business leaders, and the new opportunities and diverse experience that these connections bring can only benefit the leadership of any company.

The network extends beyond the program and TRIUM graduates becoming part of the network of each of the three partner schools.

Lifelong learning

Our alumni have the opportunity to update their learning by returning to the TRIUM classroom to take advantage of our evolving curriculum and expanding network of high-profile speakers and industry leaders ensuring that they can maintain the competitive advantage and keep expanding their professional connections.

Capstone Group


All students will undertake a Capstone Project which will ideally be related to the student’s work or industry.

This is an opportunity to identify a strategic issue and develop a business plan which culminates in a final presentation to the TRIUM Faculty and alumni. This can be based on issues and opportunities within the business and if chosen carefully, can be of real value and offer practical solutions to your company.

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Alumni experience

Steve Zhao

China Class of 2018

Business is ultimately about understanding people – their needs and their capabilities – and knowing how to organise those capabilities to best satisfy those needs. Understanding requires knowledge, and knowledge requires communication. TRIUM has provided me with the ideal place to communicate with people from all corners of the world, and learn about their needs and capabilities, beyond the superficial level.

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