Creating effective global leaders is central to TRIUM’s purpose. Your leadership skills will be challenged and developed, throughout the program. By the time you graduate, your skills as a leader will be transformed.

Professor Matt Mulford

Your leadership journey

You will embark on a personalized journey of self-discovery and will graduate with an acute understanding of the leaderships skills a global leader requires, a clear awareness of your own leadership style, the tools to put your new abilities into practice and a personalized growth plan to facilitate your continual development as an effective leader.

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Areas of focus

Our leadership stream is built around three pillars: state of the art academic frameworks, in depth experience sharing, and applied leadership in action, all of which are integrated across the six TRIUM modules and supported by personalized one-to-one leadership coaching.

Leadership frameworks

Classroom sessions look at different aspects of what leadership means today. With the help of leadership assessment tools, your leadership style and context will be evaluated. We look at individual values, strengths, preferred outcomes, flexibility and actions, highlighting how each of these affects organizational success.

During the time you will spend with our leadership coaches, you will have the opportunity to address your own leadership challenges and work on your personal leadership growth plan.

Experience sharing

TRIUM gives you the chance to learn from a diverse cohort of leaders with a high level of seniority from across the globe. The value of the peer-to-peer learning opportunities from sharing the experiences of your classmates cannot be underestimated.

You will also learn from a number of high-profile guest speakers, representing a wide range of industries and backgrounds, who will expose you to a variety of different leadership challenges, and illustrate how each leader approached them, sharing insights into what works, and what doesn’t.

Leadership in action

The Capstone Project is a real-world application of your leadership abilities, where you have the opportunity to apply and practice new learnings in a live business setting.

Working in a non-hierarchical environment, your leadership skills will be put to the test as you collaborate with a smart and diverse group of your peers through the formation and development of a concept for a new business idea, the strategic development or restructuring of an existing firm, NGO or social enterprise.

Leadership coaching

The TRIUM leadership coaches have been curated based on their success in working with TRIUM-calibre executives and are available to support each TRIUM student with their leadership development.

TRIUM students can book coaching appointments throughout the duration of the program.

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Alumni experience

The benefits of TRIUM go beyond just the transformational academic program. By joining our program you will enter a remarkable network of high-achieving global business leaders. The TRIUM Global Executive MBA alumni are among the most qualified and insightful in the international business world.

Jenna Pilat

United States Class of 2019

I was looking for a program that would give me the foundational skills and the executive development to be a great leader anywhere and that would surround me with others who have passion, experience, skills and ambitions, motivating me to learn and grow, and providing opportunities for collaboration in the future. TRIUM provided all of this, and with a global, integrated perspective that resonated with my experience and with what I expect to do in the future.

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