What makes TRIUM different?

TRIUM Global EMBA’s unique combination of three leading universities gives business leaders a deeper insight into the contexts, challenges, and opportunities that define global business now and in the future.

Ranked as a top tier Global EMBA throughout its 22-year history, TRIUM offers an ever-evolving learning experience differentiated from other Global EMBAs.

TRIUM: ranked 4th in world by FT, ranked 1st in the world by QS

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Learn in a truly global context

TRIUM is run jointly by three of the world’s leading universities.

Our modular learning structure offers an unmatched global learning experience at dynamic centres of business, finance, education, technology and culture: London, Paris, New York, Seoul, Nairobi and Dubai.

Our curriculum is curated to address current business trends, political and economic shifts with the aim that TRIUM students are first among their peers to understand the opportunity and risks of the current business world and that of tomorrow.

Our world-class faculty covers all aspects of global business, with students challenged by the latest thinking and best practices across strategy, marketing, finance, decision-making and leadership. But our curriculum goes further, giving our students a depth of knowledge and vision they need to become successful global leaders.

Be part of a network of leaders.

Each TRIUM class consists of successful, senior leaders from diverse backgrounds, each looking for a launchpad for the next chapter of their careers. We select the best students from around the world to participate in our program, based on their multifaceted experiences, backgrounds, abilities and ambitions. Together they create a unique combination of perspectives, and contribute to a powerful, challenging and collaborative atmosphere in the classroom and beyond.

The TRIUM degree gives them a decisive edge that makes them better equipped to further their personal and professional goals.

The TRIUM EMBA class includes a melting pot of talent – the 50 students are made up of executives, entrepreneurs, former military personnel, and journalists, representing 30 different nationalities. They have an average age of 40 and 15 years of work experience.

And as a member of the TRIUM community, you join an active alumni network of over 1,200 global business leaders, located in over 100 countries.

Dr Matt Mulford

Module 1 - London School of Economics and Political Science

Geopolitical & socio-economic focus

In our turbulent, unpredictable world, business leaders need a deep insight into the global contexts of business decision-making.

Our module at LSE is taught by academics from across the globe who produce cutting-edge research that directly influences international and national policy debates – a fascinating milieu for TRIUM students that’s unique among Global EMBAs.

The diverse atmosphere encourages TRIUM participants to thoroughly question ideas and seek innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Capstone Project Team

Graduation Ceremony, London


The Capstone Project runs throughout the modules and offers a chance to apply your learning to your current business environment, a start-up or a social cause.

As part of a team you will choose a project category and develop a business idea from inception to launch, leveraging the resources of our program and faculty, your classmates and alumni connections.

Whether your interest in our program is to further your career in a major corporation, or give you the confidence to set out on your own, your participation in the project will enable you to do so in ways you may never have considered before.

About the Capstone Project

VR lab

Module 4

Technology & innovation

Our Seoul module focuses on the disruptive nature of technological change for global business leaders in the digital era.

We look at the revolutionary changes taking place through technology and innovation and how these can equate to great opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs and businesses.

You will explore and learn how technology has been used to solve problems that could not be solved before, and to explore new challenges that have arisen in line with technological developments such as robotics, medtech, digitalization, AI, AR, blockchain and data.

And you’ll get expert guidance on how to finance new ventures.

Class of 2021

Module 1 - LSE London

Career support

TRIUM’s career support services help TRIUM students and graduates successfully take the next step along their chosen path, or to assist in planning new professional pathways.

The TRIUM program includes activities such as career webinars and professional development events, and gives alumni access to world-class executive leadership coaches.

After graduating, TRIUM alumni are able to use the careers services of the three alliance partners.

Lifelong learning

All TRIUM alumni have the ability to attend TRIUM modules and lectures throughout the rest of their careers.

This unique feature to TRIUM means you can keep your knowledge up to date with the latest thinking and make new connections with future TRIUM classes.

Alumni experience

The benefits of TRIUM go beyond just the transformational academic program. By joining our program you will enter a remarkable network of high-achieving global business leaders. The TRIUM Global Executive MBA alumni are among the most qualified and insightful in the international business world.

Steven Wolinsky

USA Class of 2017

Attending TRIUM is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. The experience was transformational. The way you look at the world coming in to the program is so much different than when you come out.

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The TRIUM Global EMBA program launched in 2001

TRIUM foundations

TRIUM was founded in 2001, when visionaries at three institutions – the HEC Paris, the NYU Stern School of Business, and the London School of Economics – realized that the next generations of global business leaders would need to have special breadth of understanding in order to navigate the newly “flat” world that seemed to be emerging.

The TRIUM program was born with the founding insight that globalization was not a topic of research and discussion but a lens through which business and society would need to be viewed.

This required a new curriculum that was not just a compilation of courses already offered by each institution, but a set of integrated, carefully curated courses designed for a whole new kind of Global EMBA.

The second innovation that TRIUM introduced was to develop a blended learning model shaped around the needs of senior executives: to incorporate intensive in-person modules in global locations, with assignments and group tasks designed for remote working in between.

The program has evolved over time to ensure relevant and insightful content. Module locations have shifted. The mix of courses has changed to accommodate new areas of business, technology and opportunity. But the fundamentals of the TRIUM promise have consistently been reasserted by the leaders of the three alliance schools. TRIUM is for the most senior global executives. The program’s vision is founded on a profound belief in the role of business in promoting global prosperity, dialogue, and social betterment.

As well as specially curated academic content from TRIUM’s expert Faculty, students and alumni also have access to special guest speaker events where they can join leaders from the region as they share their unique industry experiences and insights. Students will also have the opportunity to make the most of their global module locations by visiting local companies and attending events at special local venues.