Mick Cox

War in Ukraine: The Limits and Strengths of an Interdependent World

11 March 2022

I am joined in this episode by Professor Mick Cox of the LSE to discuss the unfolding tragic war in Ukraine. How do we possibly make sense of what is happening? What kind of end can we imagine when losing is not an option for anyone? What does winning or losing even mean in this situation?

Is this the end the age of international order, growing prosperity, and relative peace created by a rules-based international system? If so, what will take its place? Will China play the role of the peacemaker in the interests of maintaining global stability, or will its alliance with Russia start a new age of ‘big power’ spheres of influence and a cold war…or even a ‘hot’ war? Mick and I address these questions and more. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to all who are suffering in this epic tragedy.

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