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October 2018

Welcome TRIUM Class of 2020!

TRIUM is pleased to welcome our newest cohort, the Class of 2020, who commenced their studies at the London School of Economics this September. The class of 69 students is comprised of a diverse group of global executives representing 28 nationalities. Their dynamic backgrounds and individual industry expertise contributed to an interactive and engaging learning experience as they tackled topics of ‘Business in the Global Political Economy’ with some of LSE’s world-leading faculty.

As well as expert faculty, TRIUM was also delighted to welcome special guest speaker Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi, who shared his insights on successful business and leadership in the age of globalization. Mr Ghosn’s experience as CEO of the most productive and longest-lasting cross-cultural partnership in automotive history led to a highly insightful and engaging discussion with the TRIUM audience. Amongst his insights Mr Ghosn highlighted the importance for leaders to focus on purpose as well as good business and how showing respect for different identities can prove to be a competitive advantage as well as enriching to business. The class also had the opportunity to put their questions to Mr Ghosn with key topics including how to learn from failures, the benefits of a diverse workforce and what lies ahead for the automotive industry.

The class were also welcomed to their studies at LSE by its Director, Dame Minouche Shafik, who led a talk which questioned “Why Are We So Miserable When Everything is Getting Better?”. An economist by training, Dame Shafik has spent most of her career straddling the worlds of public policy and academia and became the youngest vice-president in the history of the World Bank at the age of 36. She joined the IMF in 2011 as Deputy Managing Director with responsibility for many of the crisis countries in the Eurozone and the Arab countries in transition. In keeping with LSE’s status as a leading social science institution, Dame Shafik spoke to the class on issues surrounding the current political climate in order to examine why trust in government is at an all-time low and a how loss of belief in social mobility has given way to fear of uncontrollable change. As the newest TRIUM class prepared to commence their studies at three leading global Universities, Dame Shafik emphasized the important role of Universities in providing an open forum for exchanging views and providing expertise to those in power.

After two weeks of interactive learning the class celebrated the end of their first module in traditional British fashion with dinner and celebrations against the backdrop of grand neo-Gothic architecture at the House of Lords. The class will gather together again for the Module 2 in California in January, where they will prepare to explore Technological Disruption and Entrepreneurship.