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TRIUM announces 20th anniversary celebrations

TRIUM first opened its doors on 9 September 2001 to an inaugural class of 28 and with the session Globalization: What is it? And What are the Consequences?


TRIUM Executive Director, Elizabeth O’Neill, announced the launch of 20th anniversary celebrations to the TRIUM community this week. In her message she said:

Twenty years on we can claim to have some answers. What we thought then was going to be an immutable element in business—global markets, outsourcing, labor arbitrage and more—has proven more fragile than we then imagined. Political changes then unthinkable, global pandemics, massive climate change disruption—and the extraordinary advances of technology—those only the bravest of us might have proposed.

The idea that globalization is the lens through which business and society would need to be viewed – still guides us today. Our vision of a group of students and alumni from all parts of the world forming a community of innovation, practice, engagement, and intellectual striving has indeed come into being.”

Over the last twenty years each TRIUM student has engaged in an intellectual and personal leadership journey, supported by the unique partnership of TRIUM’s three globally renowned schools in New York, London, and Paris, and enhanced by experiences in China, Brazil, India, and San Francisco – locations at the heart of change and innovation. TRIUM has not only brought together senior international leaders from over 90 countries, but it has also provided a vantage point on many different business sectors and markets, as well as key economic, political, and social shifts in the world order. TRIUM is a global classroom where students can reflect on their own leadership trajectory, work towards professional ambitions, and consider how they can have a positive impact on their organizations as well as their communities. Our students learn from world class thought leaders and from each other. They have shared their visions and feel empowered to make their dreams a reality.

Over the next twenty weeks leading up to our 20th anniversary – through a number of dedicated anniversary events, posts and sessions – the TRIUM community will be reflecting on this changing landscape and the nature of the community that we call TRIUM.


We are proud to share some memories from the last twenty years: