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May 2017

Judgement Illusions and the Architecture of the Mind

The TRIUM community gathered at the London School of Economics, and via Facebook Live from around the globe, to hear from one of TRIUM’s expert faculty members, Dr Matt Mulford.

With expertise in the psychology of judgment and decision making; Dr Mulford joined TRIUMers for an interactive session to explore the recently emerging consensus in psychology of a two-system model of judgment and choice which can create predictable errors in judgement. Throughout an interactive Q&A session Dr Mulford drew on this research to suggest steps which can be taken to create decision processes which mitigate against the worst of these mistakes.

Dr Mulford was a founding Dean of the TRIUM program and was previously a senior lecturer in quantitative methods and negotiation analysis at the LSE. His research interests include the psychology of judgment and decision making in interdependent interactions, negotiation analysis, experimental game theory, and experimental research design. Dr Mulford has won university-wide outstanding teaching awards at both the University of Oregon and the LSE and has designed, directed and/or taught executive training courses in more than 20 countries for a variety of clients, including: Allianz, Bosch, Commercial Bank of Qatar, Deutsche Bank, EADS, Ericsson, Gallup, Indian National Railroad, Linklaters, Qatar Foundation, Siemens, Standard Chartered Bank, Syngenta, and Total.

Dr Mulford remains a key faculty member for the TRIUM program and currently teaches during Module 1 of the program at the LSE.

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