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January 2018

Countdown to California! Our Class of 2019 prepare for their Module 2

Our Class of 2019 is preparing to venture to the sunny climate of California this month to delve into the world of Technological Disruption and Entrepreneurship during their TRIUM Module 2. The class will spend nearly two weeks in the heart of Silicon Valley to hear from expert faculty and to engage with the local business community including first-hand interaction with tech speakers, entrepreneurs and investors who fund innovative business models and high tech startups.

The class will have an opportunity to delve deeper into the topics of finance, strategy, leadership and entrepreneurship with global thought leaders including TRIUM’s Academic Director Professor Sonia Marciano, Professor Aswath Damodaran, Professor Arun Sundararajan, and Professor Steven Rogers.

In addition the class and alumni have the opportunity to spend a day with expert innovators at Singularity University where they will gain valuable insights into the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Hacker Mindset, Digital Manufacturing and the future of Health and Medicine. The class will also make the most of their location by engaging with local companies during company visits.

Module 2 also marks the active start of the Capstone Project with time dedicated to the introduction of key concepts of intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship designed to help the class in the choice of their Capstone theme, and in the formation of their Capstone teams. Throughout the module the class will use the strategic and financial skills taught during the module to significantly advance and refine their project ideas.

The wider TRIUM community are also invited to join their newest cohort to hear from select startup funders and founders who will share their entrepreneurial journeys, challenges and experiences during a Funders and Founders panel event.

We look forward to welcoming our Class of 2019 to their Module 2 in California.