TRIUM Payment Guidelines

Payment methods

Credit Card
When making a debit or credit card payment, please make sure you have checked the following in order to avoid your payment being declined:

  • Check you have sufficient funds or credit limit available to pay your fees by debit or credit card.
  • Check your bank’s daily limit for your debit or credit card covers the amount you are paying online.
  • Always notify your bank/card issuer in advance how much you will be paying, who you will be paying and when the payment will be made; this reduces the risk of the payment being rejected for card security reasons.
  • If your bank has applied a limit per transaction, you may find it useful to split the amount you are paying in instalments less than or equal to your individual transaction limit. Please advise us if you plan on doing this.

Please note, any bank fees or charges incurred as part of the transaction or due to a declined payment are the responsibility of the person making the payment and will not be refunded.

We currently accept payments from Visa (including Visa Credit & Debit cards, Visa Electron, Visa Purchasing & V Pay) and Mastercard Credit and Debit cards.

Bank Wire Transfer
Please allow up to five working days if payment is made within the UK and up to 10 working days for payments made from overseas.

Please quote your LSE student ID number on all payments.

LSE/TRIUM Programme Bank details:

Account name: LSE/TRIUM
Account Number: 140/01/25653881
Sort Code: 56-00-13
IBAN: GB92 NWBK 6073 0125 6538 81

Bank: Covent Garden, 34 Henrietta Street, London, WC2E 8NL

Note: although charges may be paid when sending payment, for overseas payment, there may be an additional extra charge made by our bank when receiving the payment. All charges and bank fees relating to transfers are to be paid by the student and not LSE/TRIUM.


Payment Information

Bank Fees
It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all bank fees and associated charges are covered by the sender. LSE/TRIUM will reconcile any bank fees incurred in future instalment billings. For instance, if LSE incurs a $50 bank fee we will add $50 onto the next instalment.

Foreign Exchange rates
All tuitions deposits and fees are listed and must be paid in USD. LSE/TRIUM are not responsible for any fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, whether for an instalment payment or a refund.

Please note the below policies regarding refunds:

  • Where a refund is due the School will return to source:
    • Payments received by credit card will be refunded to the card where the payment came from.
    • Payments received by cheque or bankers draft will be returned by cheque.
    • Payments received by bank transfer will be returned to the original account the money was transferred from.
    • Please note, LSE/TRIUM cannot make exceptions to the above policy.
  • LSE/TRIUM are not responsible for any bank fees or other charges, these will be applied at the receivers end.
  • LSE/TRIUM are not able to refund any shortfalls due to foreign exchange rate fluctuations, or offer compensation for any bank fee or other charges incurred.
  • Please refer to the Terms and Conditions listed in the Student handbook for information on the refund policy with regards to deposits and deferrals/withdrawals.