TRIUM EMBA Leadership Development

Running throughout our program is the Leadership stream. This begins during the Immersion phase with a series of self-assessment tools – including a 360° leadership review by your peers.

The stream is complemented by guest speakers sharing their personal leadership stories during the program, and culminates in Module 6 which focuses on individual self-awareness, as well as actions and values necessary to lead a globally responsible organisation. The stream links together academic concepts of organisational behaviour, human resource management and leadership, with personal and career development planning.

Our approach to leadership development is customised to executives, using the research knowledge of our professors, professional leadership coaches, and the experience and resources of your classmates.

Through the Leadership stream you will transform your understanding of leadership, by analysing it from a variety of angles including your personal leadership style, the dynamics of team leadership, and the particular challenges of leading organisations effectively.

The Leadership course is a red thread for the whole TRIUM journey that makes the link between modules
Jerome Charlez
Class of 2014



Personal Leadership

Self-assessment is integral to the learning process. Students are given the opportunity to self-reflect and identify their strengths and weaknesses using tools such as the personality questionnaire and a 360° leadership performance review, and receive a one-to-one coaching sessions with experienced executive coaches.

Team Leadership and Dynamics

Students are placed in teams throughout the program for group work and assessments. These groups are an integral part of the learning experience and help to explore and understand first hand the key themes of team dynamics, diversity, conflict, motivation and how to manage a virtual team.

Organisational Leadership

The Capstone Leadership course focuses on individual self-awareness, change management, and the actions and values necessary to lead a globally responsible organisation in the current business environment.

Guest Speakers

Throughout the program guest speakers compliment the academic components, sharing their personal leadership stories. Recent talks include a CEO talking about his experience changing the culture and strategy of a global multi-national company.