Program Overview

The TRIUM program equips you with the diverse knowledge, skills and tools that global business leaders need to compete successfully in tomorrow’s global economy.

From the geo-political and socio-economic contexts of global business decision making, to harnessing the opportunities of innovation and tech disruption, to deal-making, entrepreneurship, leadership and doing business sustainably, TRIUM provides you with the tools you need for the C-Suite. Beyond that, we will engage you in the kind of intellectual activity that will inform your strategic thinking for the future of your organization, and for your own leadership development.

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Professor Robert Falkner, TRIUM Academic Dean, introduces the TRIUM program

Program format

TRIUM uses an executive-friendly, blended learning format (in-person classroom time and independent study between modules) comprising 6 in-person modules at 6 global locations over an 18-month period. Time out of the office is only 10 weeks.

There are 500+ live classroom hours taught in English. Between modules you complete between 15-20 hours per week of independent study which includes pre-and post-module reading, assignments, case studies, groupwork and the strategic Capstone Project.

6 On-site
18 Months
15-20 Weekly
500 Classroom
1 Capstone

Module dates for Class of 2026

6 modules | 10 weeks in class | 18 months

Business in the Global Political Economy
Module 1 London


8-20 September 2024

Strategy, Finance and Leadership
Module 2 New York

New York

12-24 January 2025

Marketing, Strategy and Innovation
Module 3 Paris


6-18 April 2025

Technology and Entrepreneurship in a Changing Asian Marketplace
Module 4 Seoul


6-16 July 2025

Innovation in Frontier Economies
Module 5 Nairobi


2-11 November 2025

Leadership: Making It Happen
Module 6 Dubai


2-7 February 2026

The 6 modules

TRIUM Class of 2020 enjoy a river cruise on the Seine

Paris is our base for Module 3

Foundational modules

The TRIUM program takes you on a learning journey across 6 global business hubs in 4 continents. Our first 3 modules take place at the 3 partner schools: LSE (London), NYU (New York) and HEC (Paris), where our world-class faculty teach the foundational MBA subjects and geopolitics.

Class of 2021 in Dubai

The UAE is our base for Module 6

Advanced topics with regional perspectives

The final 3 modules focus on advanced topics with regional perspectives, taught in dynamic global cities in Africa, Asia and Middle East. Each location is selected to provide a regional context to the subjects taught, and to give you a fascinating insight into regions that will become increasingly influential this century. The teaching in these locations is led by the faculty of our 3 schools, supplemented by local business leaders and subject matter experts.

Across all modules, the Leadership program will develop your interpersonal and intellectual skills needed to become a confident and dynamic business leader, able to lead and inspire diverse teams across the globe, and navigate through the unpredictability of our world.

TRIUM video insights: the program

Introducing the TRIUM Program

Introducing Module 1: London

Introducing Module 3: Paris

Introducing Module 4: Seoul

Introducing Module 5: Nairobi

Mastering Decision Making

How to interpret information better

Module 1: International Relations and Business

Module 1: Business in the Global Economy

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Alumni experience

Franck Juhel

France Class of 2018

TRIUM is not simply a global executive MBA by content, it is also by location and physical geography. Participating in modules that were delivered in key cities and countries relevant for that particular focus was inordinately valuable. Learning about Asian financial markets while attending NYU Shanghai, or entrepreneurship and technology from Silicon Valley, adds a depth to comprehension and insight that can’t be gained from being in a single faculty in another part of the world for the duration of a program. This style of learning is invaluable.

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