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September 2019

Welcome TRIUM Class of 2021

Our newest class of TRIUMers have commenced their 18 month learning adventure at their Module 1 at the London School of Economics.

The class of 59 executives from over 30 countries were welcomed to the LSE by senior faculty from across the three School partnership who encouraged them to ‘get ready to work and have fun’ as their 18 month transformation began.

Working in small teams with their new classmates, the newest TRIUM cohort had the opportunity to put their leadership skills into practice on their first day with an interactive problem solving task set by Herve Coyco based on his own experiences as a senior executive. The theme of leadership was further explored throughout the module with sessions led by NYU Stern Professor Nate Petit which provided the class with a grounding for leadership skills development which will be further explored throughout their upcoming modules.

The power of effective networking was also explored as TRIUM was delighted to welcome back Class of 2011 alum Luca Signoretti who led a masterclass in business networking to help the class to unlock the necessary tools and strategies to build a strong and supportive network of contacts to help them to progress with their ambitions.

LSE’s reputation as one of the foremost social science universities in the world proved to be the perfect setting to explore the particularly turbulent current political climate and its implications for business. The class had the opportunity to hear from world-renowned experts including Professor Simon Hix, Professor Mick Cox, Professor Saul Estrin and Professor Chris Alden on topics such as the direction of the European Union, Africa’s changing development prospects, Globalisation and Global Economy, Emerging Markets and Entrepreneurship; providing them with an invaluable insight into the social, political and economic context in which business decisions are made and giving them an important contextual background for their upcoming studies.

The class also had the opportunity to engage with the wider LSE community, including LSE’s entrepreneurship hub LSE Generate, and were welcomed as part of LSE by LSE Director Minouche Shafik who provided them with a look into the future strategy for LSE.

The class also benefitted from LSE’s reputation as a hub for expert guest speaker events and were able to hear first hand from the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, as he discussed ‘Social Integration and Inequality in London’. The wider TRIUM community were also invited to hear from guest speakers Dr Meredith Crowley and Dr Leslie Vinjamuri as they shared their expertise on ‘Trump, Trade and Global Security’. The dynamic makeup of the audience of TRIUMers allowed for highly interactive Q&A sessions where they had the opportunity to share their own individual international and professional perspectives on key topics including whether Donald Trump will prove to be a one-term president and who is winning and losing in the trade war.

After an active two weeks the class celebrated the end of their first module with a sightseeing trip around London in a traditional double-decker London bus and with farewell dinner at the prestigious House of Lords.

We look forward to seeing our newest TRIUMers again soon for their Module 2 in California where they will explore Technological Disruption and Entrepreneurship.