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TRIUM’s Global Classroom: TRIUMers continue the learning journey

The TRIUM Program’s foundations lie in a world class partnership of universities, its senior cohort of international business leaders, and its global locations as part of a transformational learning journey. Since the world locked down in 2020, TRIUM had to find a pivot, like international organisations everywhere.

While many aspects of life have been on pause, the dialogue, the debates, and the questions and answers have continued in TRIUM’Ss global classroom. TRIUM’s April module wasn’t based in HEC Paris where the class usually gathers, instead it was based in London, Dubai and Miami, where students gathered in regional groups – following local Covid restrictions – to learn together, joining a group of remote learners in the virtual classroom.

Learning continued in courses including Mergers & Acquisitions, Negotiation and Analysis, Marketing, Corporate Strategy and Operations and Supply Chain Management, and there was still time for a bit of Paris with a chocolate tasting evening and local comedian.

Over the last few unprecedented months, the program has run in several different hybrid formats, tailored at course level, allowing a bespoke remote experience and fostering deeper discussion.

TRIUM’s next module is led by NYU Stern School of Business and will take place in this hybrid format. As vaccination programmes progress and restrictions lift, the TRIUM class will be ready to catch up in person with peers, faculty and alumni in London this September. While we’ve learned that it’s difficult to predict the future, we know that the indomitable spirit of TRIUM is alive and well. The global conversation continues.


TRIUMers gathered in London, Dubai and Miami, sharing experiences, learning from professors and building a lifelong network: