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TRIUM Module 7: A celebration of TRIUM’s global network of leaders

TRIUM’s alumni-led Module 7 takes place in Baku, Azerbaijan June 6th-9th. This will be the tenth annual meeting of TRIUM alumni from across the world. A celebration and testament to this power of this global network of leaders.

In the words of the organising committee of last year’s event in Cartagena, Columbia, it’s a ‘conversation among friends’. An opportunity for the 1,200+ alumni across 23 years of the TRIUM program to reconnect and participate in discussions on business and political developments in a new global location each summer, visiting Lisbon in 2012, Istanbul in 2013 Washington in 2014, Rome in 2015,  Moscow in 2016, Durban & Cape Town in 2017, New York in 2018, Barcelona in 2019, and – following a hiatus due to the pandemic – Cartagena in 2023.

The TRIUM Module 7 alumni event is built on the values of investing in the global network, nurturing relationships and continuing the learning process. Completely developed and led by TRIUM alumni, Module 7 introduces new markets, opens new business opportunities and deepens friendships between our diverse alumni.

The first Module 7 took place in 2012, founded by Miguel de Almeida (TRIUM Class of 2011). Miguel says his original motivation for launching the module was to give TRIUM alumni the opportunity to continue their experience beyond graduation.

The concept of a “Module 7” is probably in the head of almost every student…. They don’t want the program to end.”

Module 7 offers alumni the possibility to be in a classroom again, listening to some world-class speakers in a TRIUM setting, where there is intellectual stimulation without the weight of assignments.

Not to mention the social interaction of being with other alumni who have shared the same journey and know the hard work, long hours and dedication required to gain a TRIUM degree. There is an unspoken bond that already exists and inevitably brings everyone together.

And finally, the opportunity to experience different cultures, people and realities all across the globe.

This year, Module 7 focuses on the complex interplay between geopolitics and business across pivotal regions including Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, the Caspian countries, and Israel.

Alumni will engage with an array of distinguished speakers, from the Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan on socio-economic issues to leading CEOs from across the region. Through insightful discussions and panels, they will uncover the key trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the future of investment and leadership in these geopolitically significant areas.

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