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July 2019

NYU Stern welcomes the TRIUM Class of 2020 for Module 4

The TRIUM Class of 2020 were welcomed to NYU Stern School of Business in June for their fourth TRIUM module where they joined expert faculty to explore ‘Strategy and Finance for Global Executives’.

NYU Stern holds a reputation as a top ranked business school for its strength in finance and international business and provided the perfect environment for the class to explore the notion that opportunity sits alongside every problem. With its setting in the heart of New York City, close to Wall Street and countless multinational corporate headquarters, the class also had the opportunity to take advantage the unique city skyline and some traditional NYC cuisine.

Many of NYU Stern’s leading faculty teach TRIUM students during Module 4 and students have the unique opportunity to delve deeper into topics of global strategy, corporate finance, risk management, FinTech and data analytics with some of the world leading experts in these fields. Amongst them are Professor Aswath Damodaran, often referred to by world media as the ‘valuation king’, as well as TRIUM Academic Dean Professor Sonia Marciano, Digital Marketing Analytics expert Professor Anindya Ghose and Professor Edward Altman, creator of the Z-score formula for predicting bankruptcy.

In addition, the class also had the opportunity to welcome members from the wider TRIUM community as they were joined in select classes by alumni who were welcomed back as part of TRIUM’s life long learning initiative, an opportunity for both alumni and current students to hear new perspectives and learning opportunities whilst also broadening their networks. The class also had to opportunity to focus on their own career development and gain industry insights as they were joined by experienced executive search panel members for a special Executive Search Networking Event to discuss executive career strategies.

The class will come together again for their Module 5 in Shanghai where they prepare to discover ‘A Changing Asia in the Global Marketplace’.