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March 2017

Module 2 launches in Silicon Valley, California

The TRIUM Class of 2018 have had an active start to the year, exploring technological megatrends with the local business community in Silicon Valley during Module 2, and hearing from NYU Stern’s finest faculty on Strategy and Finance for Global Executives during Module 3 in New York.

The class had the opportunity to engage in key courses in strategy, entrepreneurship, financial technology and risk and corporate finance with expert Faculty including Professor Aswath Damodaran, Professor Edward Altman, Professor Arun Sundararajan and Professor Sonia Marciano.

As well as core learning, students also had the opportunity to experience cutting edge technology first-hand during their interactive day visit to the Google Innovation Lab. During their Module 2, the class also benefitted from TRIUM’s collaboration with Singularity University (SU); a “global community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges”. During a day spent with SU, TRIUM students were exposed to world experts in exponential thinking, exploring topics such as cyber security, robotics and exponential medicine and were able to explore SU’s innovation lab.

The TRIUM alumni community were also on hand to share their experiences with the new class, including C2017 graduating student Peter McFadyen who discussed the recent launch of his Capstone idea; C2013’s Curt Cronin who drew on his expertise as a Navy SEAL to tackle the concept of “Building Unbeatable Teams”; and C2013’s Hunter Arnold who explored “The Economics of Broadway” with the class as he drew on his experience as a Tony award winning Broadway Producer.

The class also had the opportunity to hear from expert guest speakers including Professor Jonathan Haidt, who engaged the class in a discussion on “The Global Populist Rebellion: Looking Beyond Economics to Understand What Drives it and Where it is Going”. Professor Haidt is a social psychologist whose research examines the intuitive foundations of morality. His most recent book is the New York Times bestseller, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are divided by Politics and Religion.

The class will meet again in Paris to explore ‘Marketing and Corporate Strategy’ during their Module 4 in June.

About NYU Stern School of Business:

NYU Stern was founded in 1900 as the School of Commerce, Finance and Accounting. The School initially offered training to students for careers in commerce in the burgeoning financial markets of New York City. Now located in the heart of Greenwich Village (with a campus in Westchester as well), NYU Stern is one of the nation’s premier management education schools and research centers with a broad portfolio of academic programs at the executive, graduate and undergraduate levels. NYU Stern participates in many global partnerships which includes TRIUM – a strong feature of New York University’s global network university.