Managing Risk in Uncertain Times - A Masterclass with TRIUM alumnus and Faculty Massimo Tammaro

“The biggest risk you can take is not taking any risk”

TRIUM Capstone Director Massimo Tammaro joined an audience to discuss his career trajectory and his experience in crisis management in the military and other leadership roles.

About the Speaker:

Massimo Tammaro began his career in the Italian Air Force, having trained in the United States. He later joined the Italian Aerobatic Team, Frecce Tricolori, an autonomous Squadron representing the Italian Army and supporting diplomatic and Italian industries around the world. Massimo flew as Wingman and Formation Leader and progressed to the role of Commander, the equivalent of a CEO role in a company.
In 2011 Massimo joined Ferrari Spa, first in the F1 Team and in the HR Department, them he created the ERM function and became the Corporate Risk Manager.
In 2015 Massimo graduated from the TRIUM program and founded his own Company, the MT – Meta Thinking “Thinking above, beyond, behind”. He has experience as an Advisor, a Mentor and Executive Coach, and a Global Speaker.
From 2019 he is member of the TRIUM Global Executive MBA Academic Committee and Capstone Director. Now he is also CEO of ALPI Aviation, an aerospace industry company, and Board Member at Italiana Assicurazioni.