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February 2019

Looking ahead to a new future for business

Our Class of 2020 had the opportunity to venture into the future and explore the world of Technological Disruption and Entrepreneurship during their Module 2 in California in January. Designed to prepare global leaders for the future ahead, the module focuses on the disruptive nature of technological change in the digital era and encourages them to explore the strategies to adapt to these major transformative megatrends.

“According to recent studies, 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 have not been invented yet, think about that!”

As well as hearing from entrepreneurs, technology experts and investors within the innovative hub of the San Francisco region, the class benefitted from a special tailored program with innovators at Singularity University where they gained valuable insights into the future of Artificial Intelligence, robotics and digital biology.

Fellow TRIUMers from the global alumni network were also invited to join the class as part of the new Life-Long Learning initiative for TRIUM Alumni, allowing both alumni and the new class to further expand their networks and engage in a dynamic interactive learning experience.

Here Class of 2020’s Aurelien Maudonnet discusses his experience and his advice for future TRIUMers.

You’ve just returned from your second module in California exploring Technological Disruption and Entrepreneurship, what were you most looking forward to during the module?

I wanted to see to what extent and at what pace technology is reshaping the business landscape

What have been your key highlights from the module?

The day we spent at Singularity University, as well as being introduced to Design Thinking and SPRINT at Google Labs.

Part of the module includes a one day tailored program at Singularity University, what can you tell us about your time there?

We were given a great insight into what the (not so distant) future holds and how technology will affect each of the businesses we work for. Like it or not, technology will reshape the business landscape in the years to come… It is up to us as business leaders to use these technological breakthroughs in the best way possible, kill the official future and embrace and enhance all possible futures!

What innovations were you most surprised about?

Some applications of AI and AR to manufacturing processes are very impressive indeed: think about the fact that we can now reproduce through 3D printing nearly all parts of the human body and the business / ethical implications of it.

How has the module changed your mindset about the future of business?

According to recent studies, 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 have not been invented yet, think about that! Business leaders and business organizations need to be ready for that, it will change virtually everything.

What was it like to be reunited with your classmates to explore a new city?

Although the module was pretty intense, it was good to be reunited with all classmates and get to know them better. We are a very lively and diverse cohort so it is a real pleasure to interact with them.

How do you think you will apply your learnings from the module?

This module opened our minds to the universe of possibilities, it is now time, as we´re heading back to our lives and businesses, to reflect and understand how this 4th revolution (and the 2nd technological one) will impact our businesses and societies, it is a great challenge!

What advice would you give to students who are considering TRIUM?

Talk to current students and alumni to know what the program is like and what it has brought to each of them. Some parts of the module in California were open to TRIUM Alumni in a new “Lifelong learning” process, whereby we had the opportunity to exchange with them, which was fantastic!

How would you describe TRIUM in 3 words?

Open Your Mind!