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October 2017

Exploring the ‘New Asian Century’

Today, no global business leader can do without understanding what makes the rise of China and Asia so special and what risks and opportunities the ‘New Asian Century’ offers. Our Class of 2018 will have the opportunity to place their own business knowledge in this geo-political context as they travel to Shanghai for their upcoming Module 5 to explore ‘The Rise of Asia in the Global Marketplace’.

Hosted by NYU Shanghai, the 10 day module offers students a unique insight into the business environment in China and neighbouring countries from a variety of perspectives through both in and out of classroom experiences.

TRIUM’s six modules are specifically curated to provide business leaders with the tools they need to navigate business in today’s geo-political climate. Throughout the module TRIUM’s expert faculty, including Dr Robert Falkner and Dr Matt Mulford will be joined by industry experts and guest speakers from the local region, who will provide insights into the drivers of change in the world’s most dynamic economic region. The class will take a deep dive into the sources of Asia’s extraordinary economic success, examining what its rise means for the region and the world, and the role played by some of the key actors within the dynamic region.

Practice will also applied to theory as students will be able to play the role of deal maker in pioneering transactions as part of an in-class exercise designed to continue to develop their professional and personal strengths. The interactive sessions will be led by faculty members with first-hand experience of deal making in China and the Asian region.

Outside of the classroom students will also have the opportunity to explore the rich history of Shanghai during a boat tour of the city as well as engage with local businesses who will provide their insight on what it is like to operate in China. They will also have the opportunity to unwind with traditional Tai Chi classes, designed to stimulate body and mind for the learning adventure ahead.

We look forward to welcoming our Class of 2018 to Module 5 in Shanghai!