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A new global landscape for TRIUM

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We are thrilled to share our new curriculum for the Class of 2026, starting in September 2024. Committed to maintaining and building on our reputation as a sector leader, this features new module locations in dynamic centres of innovation and growth, continuing TRIUM’s mission to deliver a unique and truly global learning journey that sets it apart from others.

TRIUM Academic Dean, Professor Robert Falkner, spoke to us recently about the rationale and inspiration behind the new curriculum, discussing what this learning experience can offer senior business leaders who are looking to push their boundaries and think differently.

When TRIUM began in 2001, it was the first programme of its kind – a unique partnership of not two but three prestigious institutions. Twenty years later we strive to innovate, lead the field and look to the future to equip our executives to navigate the changing business landscape. TRIUM’s new curriculum is taught in 6 global locations and – continuing its reputation as a trailblazer – it is the first programme to host a module in Africa.

In the first three modules, core courses are taught by world class faculty at our home schools, LSE (London) with its specialism in geopolitics, NYU (New York) bringing its finance acumen, and HEC (Paris) offering a world class approach to international management.

The next three modules deep dive into advanced topics with regional perspectives, taught by our faculty and subject matter experts. We visit Seoul, which is at the heart of technological innovation, then Nairobi, a true frontier market, and finally Dubai, which is firmly established as an international business hub. These cities are among the leading drivers of the future global economy and are therefore ideal locations to study the changing nature of global business.”

An essential component of TRIUM is our senior global network. The new curriculum also gives our 1,200 alumni an exciting opportunity to renew their knowledge and return to our new TRIUM classrooms around the world as part of their lifelong learning.

We will continue to bring together a diverse senior international cohort to join and grow this powerful global network as we meet the challenges of doing international business now and in the future.

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