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Class of 2009

Todd Wade

Todd Wade (TRIUM Class of 2009)
Chief Information Security Officer, BCS Author

A cybersecurity expert, a Chief Information Security Officer and now author of “Cybercrime: protecting your business, your family and yourself”, Todd Wade’s career is focused on protecting organisations against cyber threats. He encapsulates the human aspect of TRIUM, recognising that the benefits of the programme are not limited to academic learnings but also include the impact of the people around you. As he puts it, “sometimes people aren’t aware of the power of the network, but it’s a great resource that has contributed to the success of myself and a lot of other people as well.” 

Todd spoke with TRIUM about why he chose this programme over other global options, the value of his cohort, and the impact on his life since enrolling. 

What was your motivation for pursuing a Global EMBA, and why did you choose TRIUM over other programmes? 

My primary goal was to get out of my comfort zone and kickstart my ideas. We all have our own circle of influence, and I wanted to increase mine from where it was at the time. 

TRIUM’s diverse range of people was a huge appeal. I had been looking at top-ranked programmes and I found that many of them largely consisted of CFOs and other finance-related professionals. That’s not my industry and it wasn’t particularly appealing to me. TRIUM appeared to have more of an entrepreneurial focus with a wider range of industry executives. 

What soft skills did you develop from the programme? 

My confidence developed significantly. Being surrounded by leaders helped to improve my own leadership skills, and one of the really interesting aspects is how different the experience is compared to being a university undergraduate. In an EMBA, the participants are typically much older than undergraduates, with a lot more life experience behind them. As a result, you learn as much from each other as from the programme itself, which is a complete turnaround from my experience at university where you’re almost entirely reliant on the course to teach you. It’s a vastly different value proposition, and you can’t help but learn new soft skills as a result. 

Speaking of the other participants, can you tell us more about the value that your cohort added to your experience? 

The cohort added huge value and, interestingly, is actually more valuable to me today than it was when I took the programme. I think that’s a real testament to the quality of TRIUM, that the relationships we built have only strengthened over the years, resulting in a much tighter community. One example of the value of the cohort is that they provided a lot of insight for my book, and they’re acknowledged in it for helping to make it what it is. 

How do you continue to engage with the TRIUM community? 

My cohort has remained very close. We have a WhatsApp group which is always busy, and we are also in contact with other classes and local communities. Other alumni frequently reach out to us for expertise on different matters. 

When writing my book, I reached out to a number of Trium alumni. They provided valuable support and advice. A few even kindly reviewed my manuscript. All of this contributed to writing a high-quality book that passed my publisher’s rigid standards. They were very pleased with the end result. It’s been a hugely rewarding experience. 

Likewise, alumni members call me for my advice and insight particularly on technical issues and security. It’s very reciprocal. Cybersecurity is on a lot of people’s minds and rightly so, because the cybercriminals are always getting better. People aren’t prepared for it. My approach to helping organisations improve their security posture is to show executives how to protect their family and themselves. These same psychological methods carry over to the workplace. I want the TRIUM community to know they can reach out to me for advice whenever they need it, I’m always available to help them enhance their cybersecurity and alleviate their concerns. 

How would you describe your TRIUM experience in three words? 

Expanding your horizon. I can’t imagine where I would be today had I not enrolled in TRIUM. My background is in technology and cybersecurity so this has exposed me to additional industries and a diversity that I had never previously encountered. Plus, of course, the impact of the alumni on my professional development.