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Class 2020

Manish Somaiya

Before joining TRIUM, Manish Somaiya had established himself as a respected executive in investment banking and investment management. He has held senior leadership positions at J.P. Morgan Securities, Bank of America Securities, and Citigroup Global Markets. He has a track record in launching and managing leveraged credit research franchises and making prudent investment decisions by applying his industry expertise in automotive and industrial sectors — particularly through volatile and uncertain economic environments.

The exercise of empowering oneself with a global mindset, solidifying subject matter expertise, while gaining a worldwide network and friendships is priceless.

Manish was driven by intellectual curiosity and a genuine desire to sharpen and expand his toolkit in pursuing a global EMBA.

I am looking forward to utilizing the professional achievements and experiences as well as the expanded network of global relationships in an empowering position,” he says.

Manish recently spoke to TRIUM about how the international scope of the program broadened his perspective and gave him unprecedented understanding of global markets, how the program “super-charged” his network and skills, and why his Capstone project has prescient and relevant application for addressing the eldercare crisis.

Q: What was your motivation for pursuing a Global EMBA? Why did you choose TRIUM among other global programs?

My motivation for pursuing a Global EMBA program was to gain deeper insights into managing and marshalling change in an ever more complex business environment while finessing my skills in finance, marketing, and strategy. The definite bonus was enriching my network across the globe and multiple industries as well as in academia and forming life-long friendships.

I was attracted by the joint degree program from the world’s leading higher learning institutions at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), HEC Paris School of Management, and NYU-Stern. The TRIUM curriculum has consistently ranked in the top five amongst all Global EMBA programs, and the exposure of attending six modules in different regions was also an attractive feature.

Q: How has the both feet-on-the-ground approach to learning in the six international modules impacted you?

Each module was in a different international city, and generally in a different region of the world. So understanding the culture, customs, and business norms were critical. Gaining rich insights through in-depth learning, by attending the Singularity University in San Francisco on the future of technology, or doing business in Asia through intensive case studies, or mastering negotiation skills through actual business situations, or leadership lessons from impressive faculties was exceptional.

While business is global, it is critical to understand the local customs and practices that were solidly reinforced in the Shanghai (Nov. 2019) module. Navigating successfully through the government framework is essential in having a successful outcome for businesses in China and elsewhere in the region. Equally important is mastering the art of negotiating in the far east.

Q: You say that the program has “super-charged” your network. Can you tell us more about the value your cohort has added to your experience?

The first module at the LSE in the fall of 2018 was especially timely in the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential elections; LSE is well-regarded globally for its prowess in political science. Simultaneously, the Brexit debates taking place in the UK made the experience especially fascinating. The class discussions were spirited and respectful, and it gave me an appreciation for my multi-national cohort bringing a unique set of experiences to bear both inside and outside the classroom.

In addition to the stimulating classroom discussions, the group work provided an exceptional opportunity to gain insights from the depth and breadth of the cohort into intensive casework and real-life situations.

About 70% of the cohort is outside of North America, representing a multitude of industries, so living through their experiences was eye-opening on an individual basis as well as professionally.

Q: Can you tell us about a favourite class or speaker event?

One of the most memorable meetings was with Carlos Ghosn, former CEO of Renault-Nissan, in September 2018 before the well-publicized events that unfolded. His topic of discussion was why globalization matters and its benefits. Overall, the renowned faculty at the three universities offered ample firepower of knowledge in subjects ranging from luxury marketing to distressed debt and strategy and valuation.

Q: Your Capstone Project was prescient to global events—namely the medical care crisis facing the elderly. Tell us about the project.

Our Capstone academic project focused on solving the nurse shortage in Germany, though almost every country in Europe and elsewhere faces the challenge of caring for their elderly. With my teammates mainly from Europe and West Africa, caring for their parents and grandparents was a front-line concern. We designed our multi-sided platform to connect nurses and medical professionals in the European Union with hospitals and eldercare facilities in our target market, making the process more efficient with greater transparency. The project is scalable in other markets.

Q: What return on investment do you anticipate the program to have for your career?

The investment returns are infinite, in my view. The exercise of empowering oneself with a global mindset, solidifying subject matter expertise, while gaining a worldwide network and friendships is priceless.

Q: What advice would you give to students who are considering TRIUM?

It is an incredible experience. You have the opportunity to gain an education from three top-tier universities, travel the globe, and make life-long meaningful friendships with your cohort. Having access to one of the most connected and esteemed groups of classmates and leaders in their own right is outstanding.

Q: How would you describe your TRIUM experience in three words?

Empowering. Enthralling. Epic.