Discussion themes & speakers

Sessions will features speakers from Azerbaijan’s business community, and will explore the region’s innovation, energy landscape, economic dynamics, and geopolitics, viewed through the following lenses…

Frontiers of Innovation

Dive into discussions on how the region is becoming a burgeoning hub for startups, tech innovation, and renewable energy initiatives. Uncover the untapped opportunities that await in these dynamic sectors.

Energy Intersection

Engage with major stakeholders from the oil, gas, and renewables sectors to understand their influence on the regional business environment. Explore how these energy giants are navigating the transition towards sustainable practices.

Regional Economy Dynamics

Examine the impact of pivotal countries like Turkey, Russia, and Israel on the regional economy. Understand the business dynamics at play and how they shape investment and economic growth.

Geopolitical Tapestry Unveiled

Journey through the intricate landscape of regional politics and its profound impact on the socio-economic and business fabric of the area. Gain insights into the future economic horizon and the evolving geopolitical challenges.

Leadership Spotlight

In a world of complexity, learn how top leaders are making informed business management and investment decisions. Discover strategies for navigating the intricacies of operating within a geopolitically sensitive environment.


Xalid Ahadov

The Presidential Aide on Socio-Economic Issues, will provide invaluable insights into the government's perspective on economic development and socio-economic strategies.

Taleh Kazimov

Governor of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, will discuss monetary policy, financial stability, and the role of banking in fostering economic growth within and beyond Azerbaijan.

Ana Nakashidze

Chief Executive Officer at AzerTelecom, will provide insights into the telecommunications industry's role in enabling technological advancements and connectivity in the region.

Nuran Kerimov

Managing Partner at Deloitte, will share expertise as a business advisor, shedding light on local corporations and how businesses can leverage global practices to thrive in the region.

Bakhtiyar Aslanbayli

Vice President Caspian Region at BP, will explore the energy sector's evolution, focusing on oil, gas, and the emerging significance of renewable energy sources.

Toghrul Omarov

Nobel Energy Deputy CEO, will discuss the challenges and opportunities in the energy sector, especially focusing on innovation and sustainable practices.

Teyba Guliyeva

Chairwoman of The Azerbaijan-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AFchamber) / Societe Generale (SG).