TRIUM Executive MBA Alumni Network

The relationships that form among TRIUM classmates are one of the many powerful long-term benefits of the program. After graduation, the Global Alumni Network expands dramatically as TRIUM graduates become alumni not only of TRIUM, but also of each of the partner schools.

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The TRIUM community currently numbers at 1,000 strong residing in over 90 countries around the world. As senior executives and industry leaders in their professional fields, TRIUM is truly a global influential network. By becoming part of TRIUM, students and alumni not only have direct access to this distinguished community, but they also have access to the alumni communities of our partner alliance programs, HEC Paris, NYU Stern and LSE.

Through targeted alumni events and specific resources and through continued collaboration among students, alumni and faculty, the TRIUM experience continues to impact one’s professional progression even after graduation. By attending TRIUM, you join a life long network that will continue to provide influential guidance and networking opportunities, at every stage of your career.




Alumni Contacts

Should you have any queries regarding alumni services, please contact the TRIUM Alumni Relations and Career Services team at



To enquire about degree certifications or transcripts, please contact the Program Team at

TRIUM Global Executive MBA alumni are among the most qualified and insightful in the international business world. They come from all corners of the globe and every type of business. Their varied backgrounds, perspectives and areas of expertise make the TRIUM educational experience – both in and out of the classroom – one of the richest and most rewarding of any executive MBA program.

This dynamic community continues after graduation where TRIUM alumni benefit not only from having access to the alumni communities from each of the Alliance Network Partners but also from having dedicated TRIUM alumni services available to them, wherever they are located.

These services include a range of special alumni benefits, resources, career support, alumni clubs, lifelong email, events and reunion activities. TRIUM alumni services are managed by our Head of Alumni Relations.

TRIUM Alumni Activities

Your relationship with the TRIUM community continues long after graduation with a variety of opportunities to meet and stay connected with fellow TRIUM alumni. Dedicated TRIUM alumni activities include both social and lifelong learning events, a regular newsletter, and an annual reunion. In addition, the TRIUM Alumni Steering Committee (TASC) normally organises two events annually at each of the alliance schools for TRIUM alumni to attend. TASC’s goal is to advance the interests of the TRIUM community across the alliance schools.

TRIUM Alumni Events

TRIUM Alumni Events are held regularly across a number of regions. Event notices are posted on the TRIUM Network, website and the official TRIUM LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

TRIUM Alumni Clubs

In regions with larger concentrations of alumni, alumni clubs organise and host events as well as partner with clubs from other leading business schools, allowing TRIUM alumni further opportunities to network.

Module 7

The TRIUM Module 7 alumni event is built on the values of investing in the global network, nurturing relationships and continuing the learning process. The annual alumni-led module is a highlight of the TRIUM calendar, offering the community the opportunity to reconnect and participate in discussions on business and political developments in a new global location each year. Completely developed and led by TRIUM Alumni, Module 7 introduces new markets, opens new business opportunities and deepens friendships between our diverse alumni. Over the years, Module 7 has journeyed from Washington in 2014, Rome in 2015,  Moscow in 2016 and Durban and Cape Town in 2017.