TRIUM ‘joins the global debate’ as Professor Mick Cox discusses the US election

c2014_igors-pic-sourceStaying true to TRIUM’s mission to ‘join the global debate’, TRIUM alumni and students gathered at the LSE to hear the unique insights from TRIUM and LSE Professor Mick Cox discussing the ‘strange but true’ US presidential election result which has shaken the world. For the first time we also welcomed TRIUM alumni and students to join the debate from around the world live via Facebook. TRIUM alumni were able to interact directly with Mick and their peers to listen live and put questions to the room.

The world has seen two shocks in 2016, first we saw Brexit succeed against all popular opinion on June 23rd and then on November 8th America went to the polls and re-wrote the political script. The world could yet bare witness to another shock result in the French Presidential elections in 2017.

img_5609-700wMick Cox told the gathered audience that sovereignty had come back to re-assert itself, and at the heart of the new wave, were millions of working class Americans who believe that globalization is taking their jobs and free trade is bad. A vote for Donald Trump was a vote against demographic change which has seen multicultural communities take route on the streets of America. Trump won the small town vote from those who felt left behind – working class, less educated white males.

In Professor Cox’s view, Brexit had a significant impact on the US election. The Brexit result in UK showed the Americans that there was potential for radical change; and so in one way the ‘special relationship’ between America and the United Kingdom lives on, even if Prime minister May was not at the top of Mr Trump’s call sheet following his victory.

So now a billionaire is standing up for the little people and attacking the establishment which as President, he will surely be part of. Will Mr Trump keep all his election pledges? His post victory speech seemed conciliatory and following his meeting with Barack Obama he stated that he would not completely do away with ‘Obamacare’ – but the wall around Mexico is still on his to-do list.

fullsizerender-sourceGeopolitics now dominates debates as well as business agendas in a world that is ever more interconnected by the global networks of commerce, communications, culture, and capital. An understanding of the nature of these interconnections, as illuminated by geopolitical analysis, is an important part of the future success of global executives. With home schools in London, New York and Paris located at the epicentres of political change and history making, and world leading faculty, the TRIUM community have front row seats.

Watch the video here.