TRIUM Faculty Feature in the Media

As well as sharing their expert knowledge on finance and strategy with our class of 2017 in January, NYU Stern Faculty have also been busy imparting their specialist wisdom through the worlds media as Professor Edward Altman (pictured with the class- below), has been explaining his famous Z-score formula in an interview with Larry Cao from the CFA Institute. Professor Altman has also featured in Bloomberg discussing his belief that the increased volatility in 2016 could lead to another recession based on his Z-score research.

C2017students_AltmanProfessor Robert Whitelaw has been busy participating in an expert panel discussion with China Radio International regarding China’s economic growth in which he reviews the slow growth of 2015 and questions what could be in store for the Chinese and global economies in 2016.

Meanwhile Professor Aswath Damodaran has been sharing his thoughts on the growth potential for technology giant Apple and the impact of Uber and Lyft on the transportation industry with CNBC. He has also highlighted the shift in focus from raising money to earning money among Indian start-up companies with the Financial Times.

Whilst over at the LSE, Module 1 TRIUM Faculty Dr Emma Soane has played a key role in research that has helped to define and disseminate best practice in the area of employee engagement whilst Professor Simon Hix continues to delve into the world of European Politics with The Guardian.

HEC Paris Dean, Peter Todd, has also been selected by Linkedin as one of 20 influential personalities from the French political and economic scene to share his insights and analyses via the social media platform. You can follow Peter’s thoughts and insights here.