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Ranked #4 in the world

Overall Global Executive MBA

Ranked #1 Executive MBA - Joint Program

The Executive MBA for global business leadership

TRIUM Global EMBA will expand your global network and broaden your perspective of business.

We offer you a truly global learning experience, the most diverse and connected of any Global EMBA cohort, and entry into a global network of business leaders with connections in 100+ countries.

Meet TRIUM in Paris

TRIUM visits Paris between 14-16 April 2024. If you are considering a Global EMBA, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the program, and to meet members of the faculty and the Class of 2024.

To book an appointment, please complete a Preliminary Assessment form and select Paris from the Admissions Event list.

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Why Consider TRIUM Global EMBA?

TRIUM is a real-life, in-person learning experience, where you build lifelong relationships with your classmates – a learning experience that simply cannot be matched by video-based MBAs.  Your classmates are, in the words of one alumni, “like being in a room full of the world’s best consultants”.

Consider TRIUM if you want…

  • …a truly global learning experience with one of the most diverse cohorts of any Global EMBA.
  • …to be join a global network of successful, well-connected alumni.
  • …to understand the geopolitical & socio-economic contexts of business decision-making – essential for global business in turbulent, unpredictable world.
  • …to focus on the revolutionary changes taking place through technology and innovation and to understand how these can equate to great opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs and businesses.
  • …to develop your entrepreneurial skills by developing a business idea from inception to launch as part of the course (the Capstone Project).
  • …to learn at three of the world’s best universities.
The value of a Global EMBA

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The TRIUM Connects Podcast

The TRIUM Connects Podcast

Experience TRIUM's thinking. Featuring Dr Matt Mulford and alumni dissecting many of the globe's most pressing issues.

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Reach out to our admission team to see if TRIUM is a good fit for your career goals

Reach out to our admission team to see if TRIUM is a good fit for your career goals

The admissions team can put you in touch with TRIUM students and alumni if you’d like to discuss the TRIUM experience with someone of a similar profile to yourself.

Preliminary Assessment

Cristina Disler

UK Class of 2023

TRIUM has provided an expanded global lens that has supported my ability to innovate and think beyond my own limitations of possibility. TRIUM has crafted an experience to serve those who set out to create and disrupt on a global scale.

Ivo Knottnerus

Netherlands Class of 2012

Do you want a network of future game changers and challengers? Who are not afraid to take risks and are always full of ideas. Then TRIUM is your global EMBA.     

Tina Taylor

USA Class of 2015

I saw that the program offers the rare global component I was looking for, and the average age of the TRIUM cohort appealed to me; it brings a higher level of conversation. I also recognized that I would be able to apply a high percentage of my classroom knowledge to my job.