TRIUM Leadership Coaching - Your professional development journey

Prospective students are invited to discover more about TRIUM’s careers and leadership coaching with Executive Leadership Coach Dee Clarke. The session will offer insights into how to work with a career coach to achieve your goals and examples of TRIUM success stories and will be followed by a Q&A.

Title: TRIUM Leadership Coaching – Your professional development journey


– Definitions of leadership coaching

– How to best partner with your coach to achieve your goals

– The building blocks of a successful job search strategy

– Explore case studies of TRIUM success stories

Speaker: Dee Clarke, TRIUM Leadership Coach

Date: Monday 8 March

Time: 12.30pm EST (US & Canada)

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About the Speaker

Dee is a Talent Acquisition Executive and Leadership Coach with over 15 years’ experience leading international teams. Dee lives in the Bay Area and her expertise is focused on the technology sector (big tech, start-ups and scale-ups). During her time at Amazon, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Dee partnered with senior business and HR leaders to drive and execute global talent attraction, recruitment and development strategies. Dee combines extensive recruitment experience and an ability to see things through the eyes of an employer to help clients achieve their goals.