The TRIUM Story

The founding insight of the TRIUM program was that globalization was not a topic of research and discussion but a lens through which business and society would need to be viewed.

TRIUM was created for people looking to transform the way they see the world both professionally and personally.
Professor Oliver Gottschalg
TRIUM Academic Dean

The beginnings of TRIUM

Sixteen years ago, the idea of global partnerships between major business schools was new. Visionaries at three institutions, the HEC Paris, the NYU Stern School of Business, and the London School of Economics, realized that the next generations of global business leaders would need to have special breadth of understanding in order to navigate the newly “flat” world that seemed to be emerging.

Academics from all three institutions met and hammered out a curriculum that was not just a compilation of courses already offered by each institution, but a set of integrated, carefully curated courses designed for a whole new kind of curriculum.

The LSE brought its unparalleled expertise in political economy. HEC Paris, its depth of knowledge in strategy and marketing, and NYU Stern, its world renowned faculty in finance.

Together, these three quite distinct outlooks merged into a distinctly TRIUM view of the world.

The second innovation that TRIUM introduced was develop a blended learning model was shaped around the needs of senior executives: intensive in-person modules in global locations, with online work in between.

And events proved how necessary this shared vision indeed was. The first day of the first cohort took place in London on September 11, 2001. Shocked, devastated, the class gathered to debate whether the module should be rescheduled.  The conclusion was unanimous. The module continued because the TRIUM idea was there to combat forces of violence that would shatter the world’s existing connections.

Present day

The program has, of course, changed over time. Module locations have shifted. The mix of courses has changed to accommodate new areas of business, technology and opportunity. But the fundamentals of the TRIUM promise have consistently been reasserted by the leaders of the three alliance schools. TRIUM is for the most senior global executives. The program’s vision is founded on a profound belief in the role of business in promoting global prosperity, dialogue, and social betterment.

Program overview 

Now almost 1,000 alumni strong, the program boasts connections in 90 countries. Over time, as interest in entrepreneurship has grown from peripheral to central concern, groups of TRIUM students and now, alumni, have collaborated in developing businesses all over the world.

In a time of “de-globalization,” as the world has seen increased populism, violence, and intolerance, the TRIUM promise remains central to everyone who has been associated with the program – the Schools, the faculty, the staff, and always, most important, the students and alumni.

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