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zhao-yudongYudong Zhao is a partner at Zhong Lun Law Firm, one of China’s largest commercial law firms providing top-class legal services to both international and domestic businesses and entrepreneurs. He leads a team in the corporate department of the company’s Shanghai office with responsibilities including marketing, sales and the technical supervision of client legal services. Yudong’s expertise lies in foreign direct investment and inbound M&A as well as securities.

Having just finished Module 1, Yudong is already enthused and immersed in developing his Capstone idea as he prepares to fly to California for Module 2, where he will focus on the disruptive nature of technological change for global business leaders in the digital era.

Here he tells us here why he chose TRIUM Global EMBA to take his career to the next level:


What three words would you choose to describe your TRIUM experience so far? 

International, inspiring and interesting.

Coming from China, what attracted you to TRIUM?

With three participating schools in Britain, France and the U.S., TRIUM offers the widest global reach and most diverse alumni network of all similar EMBA programmes available. TRIUM was my first choice when I started to look for a global EMBA programme.

What are the man differences between your Chinese MBA and what TRIUM can offer in addition?  

There is obviously a huge difference as to the student body. At TRIUM we have 30 nationalities in a class of more than 60 students. TRIUM definitely provides for a truly international experience.

What could other Chinese/Asian business people gain from the TRIUM experience – benefits, advantages?

Many Asian countries have very unique local cultures including business cultures and most of us are not effectively merged into the global business culture. TRIUM is the opportunity to do that, which will help you do business on a global scale.

What aspects of the TRIUM curriculum are you most looking forward to?

The geopolitical content in Module 1 is interesting and I’m not sure it’s offered in any other EMBA programme. I’m also looking to the California session as we explore technology that can change the world, including how business is done.

Where will you be/hope to be in 12 months…and in 5 years from now?

In 12 months I will probably continue my profession, but with increased international exposure.  As TRIUM will open new doors and create new opportunities, who knows what will happen in five years! Hopefully our Capstone project has survived and are thriving at that time!


TRIUM’s global perspective, its unique geopolitical approach and the calibre of its international faculty from three world class schools makes for a programme that can have a life-changing impact on its students, whether this is through acceleration of their current careers, a different direction or starting a new venture.