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2-moscow-picture-310px-moscow_july_2011-4a-e1421685662758For TRIUM students, graduation not only marks the end of their studies but also marks the key transition to life as a TRIUM Alumni. Our alumni network remains a hub of activity, a key highlight being the annual alumni-led ‘Module 7’, designed to enable alums to continue their learning by exploring a new global location and participate in discussions focused on business and political developments.

With past locations including Rome, Washington DC, Portugal and Istanbul, Module 7 is an opportunity to bring country specific high-level speakers and also engage alumni as speakers to share their experiences and successes in their new and growing business enterprises.2-module-7-recap-laurie-photo-1-docx

Module 7 this year took place in Moscow, where the TRIUM community travelled to join insightful discussions including Russia’s role in the current global context, challenges for the global oil and gas industry and Russian start-ups going internationally. In addition the steering team organized social events and tours, which provided superb opportunities for networking whilst bringing together the cultural, social and educational components that make Module 7 so successful. Congratulations to the alumni Russia M7 steering team Dmitry Podolinsky, Natalia Blokhina and Kirill Panyushkin!

Find out what our alums had to say about the importance of Module 7 and their recent adventures…

Laurie Fuller (Class of 2009):

‘As the module moves to a different international location each year, I am able to develop a more refined view of industry insights at both the local and global level.’

2-module-7-recap-laurie-photo-2Module 7 continues the TRIUM tradition of learning and provides an opportunity to reconnect with lifelong friends. I eagerly anticipate Module 7 each year and always return home grateful for such a culturally and intellectually rich experience.

Laurie’s M7 Russia highlights:

For me there were many highlights including the pre-module activities in St Petersburg, with the amazing private tour of the Hermitage. During the module in Moscow, attending a performance at the Bolshoi Theatre was a lifelong dream. With a personal focus on technology and entrepreneurship, I found the sessions on entrepreneurship in Russia interesting and relevant.


Simran Jindal (Class of 2016):

‘It is a great platform to network in a true global sense, with alumni coming from all across the globe.’

img_6111Module 7 Russia 2016 was my first Module 7, after completing the TRIUM programme. The most attractive draw for attending the module was the opportunity to meet up with such a large number of TRIUM alumni and their families, for the very first time outside of the TRIUM classroom environment. In addition to sharing experiences, I had the opportunity to connect with some people who gave me invaluable advice on career management.

Simran’s M7 Russia highlights:

There was great speaker lineup and the sessions were very insightful, giving a good understanding of how the Russian media and journalism has developed over the last few decades, with further insights into the Russian political environment, foreign and defence policy. I also learnt about the potential business growth opportunities and incentives of starting a business in Russia. I also learnt a bit about the Russian banking and retail industry and the growth in these sectors in the last 20 years. I also enjoyed learning about bitcoin and its development, which was a surprise session. Overall, I went home knowing Russia better than what I knew through news and journalism.


Vera P. Weill-Halle (Class of 2009)

‘The level of alumni engagement demonstrates the importance TRIUM graduates place on regular contacts with their former classmates, establishing new connections, and friendships with a growing TRIUM community. Module 7 events have rapidly become a symbol of continued learning and camaraderie.’

1-vera-module-7-photo-1There is continued learning and sharing of knowledge that occurs at Module 7; and it is a wonderful reminder of their individual experiences during the TRIUM Executive MBA programme. Module 7 makes a great contribution toward alumni lifelong learning commitment.

Another benefit, and equally important one, is that Module 7 organises superb social and cultural events. It is a wonderful way for alumni to engage partners and spouses to participate with them at these events and learn specifically about the artistic and cultural treasures each country possess.

The alumni steering team did a fantastic job and organised one of the best Modules we have had thus far. I am likely to be a regular participant in Module 7 events and activities as they are enriching and will continue to allow me to engage with my TRIUM colleagues for years to come. The TRIUM network is truly an important and extra-ordinary network of personal and business contacts.

Vera’s M7 Russia highlights:

The programme for Module 7 included a variety of high-level speakers from both political and business establishments. I especially enjoyed and appreciated the Director of the Strategic International Centre in Moscow, who provided an excellent overview of Russia’s history and the country’s future aspirations to achieve its own “Russian dream”. I also enjoyed the discussion led by Mikhail Kokorich. founder of Dauria Aerospace, regarding outer space explorations and a business opportunity to capture water from meteorites.

The pre-module trip to St Petersburg was a wonderful opportunity to learn and take part in private visits in the famous Hermitage Museum and some part of the palaces of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great.

The programme and cultural events organised in Moscow were rich in quantity and substance. On the cultural front, the visit to the Bolshoi Theatre, and seeing the performance of Ivan Terrible, was a true highlight.2-module-7-recap-laurie-photo-3