Leadership Development Program

“The Leadership course is a red thread for the whole TRIUM journey that makes the link between modules” - Jerome Charlez (Class of 2014)


The Professional Development and Leadership stream runs through the entire TRIUM course. The program starts with pre-program personality and 360 leadership skills data collection and culminates in the leadership course with the final assignment for each student to design a rigorous and effective personal leadership development plan. Other content includes team leadership, cross-cultural issues, decision making, analysis of strengths, weaknesses and leadership styles.

The goals of the stream are to link together academic concepts of organizational behavior, human resource management and leadership to personal and career development planning. This is done through lectures, self-assessment, group activities, one on one coaching, and reading recommended articles. At each of the home modules there are additional group evening events such as panel discussions and outside speakers that are well known experts in the fields of leadership and career management.

TRIUM’s approach is customized for you using the research knowledge of our professors, professional career counsellors and the experience and resources of your fellow classmates.

Module By Module

Module One

At Module 1 the leadership course focuses on personality and the use of 360 reviews. After receiving their study group assignments students get an overview lecture on team dynamics (diversity, conflict, motivation) and how to maximize the performance of virtual teams.All students receive a one-to-one coaching session with experience executive coaches reviewing the results of their 360 managerial skill assessment and their personality questionnaire results.

Module Two

The leadership session during Module 2 continues the process of self awareness using the FIRO-B instrument. Through this survey the students get insight into how they interact with others and what they give to and expect to receive from their relationships.

Module Three

This module’s leadership lecture covers national cultural diversity. For this session an ex CEO of a large multinational company talks about his experiences working in the Asian culture. Students will become aware of their cultural tendencies and their implications for international business relations.

Module Four

The focus during Module 4 is on leadership during change. One of the Capstone Directors talks about his experience changing the culture and strategy of a global MNC. Key take-aways are the key steps in managing change. In addition to the above, students participate in a career workshop run by one of the leading experts in career management.

Module Five

Students complete self-assessment survey data that is used in the seminars during Module 6.

Module Six

Global leadership development and the concepts and challenges studied throughout the program set the foundation for the Capstone leadership course. The capstone course focuses on individual self-awareness as well as the actions and values necessary to lead a globally responsible organization in the current business environment.